Our environmental commitments

Recognizing its duty of environmental stewardship, the team at Capital & Dirigeants Partenaires is taking steps, at its own scale, to protect the environment.

80% of world forests have been cut down or damaged, for the most part in the past 30 years

(Source : World Ressource Institute)

Our action / Our commitments

Use only recycled paper or paper sourced from sustainably managed forests (pefc and fsc certification). Provide material support and funds for reforestation and tree planting programs around the world (e.g. tree nations).

Nearly 24% of all printed pages are never used and go directly into the wastepaper basket

(Source : Etude Lexmark)

Our action / Our commitments

Print only working documents that really need to be printed.

Data centers consume 9% of electricity produced in france

(Source : Etude France Culture)

Our action / Our commitments

Remove digital archives stored in the cloud after ten years.

40% of daily automobile trips are less than 2 km

(Source: Etude ConsoGlobe)

Our action / our commitments

Use public transport for our daily commuting in paris and environs.

World transport is 97% dependent on oil

(Source: Institut Français du Pétrole (IFP))

Our action / Our commitments

Prefer train to air travel for trips within the country and abroad.

It will take 1,000 years for a standard ink cartridge to break down and decompose

(Source : ConsoGlobe)

Our action / Our commitments

Return empty toner cartridges to shops that collect them for refilling or recycling.

Lighting office buildings at la défense at night consumes as much electricity as 750,000 homes in a year

(Source: French Environment Ministry)

Our action / Our commitments

Systematically turn off all lights and "sleep" systems when they are not needed. Use air conditioning and heating only when necessary. Take care to insulate office spaces.

35 out of 100 people declare that they will act to protect the environment only if other people do

(Source: CRIOC)

Our action / Our commitments

Before investing in a company, ask its management to explain the environmental issues related to their activity. As participating shareholders, set up monitoring procedures and annual review of these issues.