You are a manager, shareholder or advisor of a company that is liable to see a change in its capital, of one of the following six types:

  • A complete or partial transfer of the business to its management (MBO)
  • Securing part of the assets of the shareholder manager(s) (OBO)
  • Funding organic growth (Capital Développement)
  • Exit of a minority shareholder (Rachat partiel)
  • Funding the takeover of another business (Build-up)
  • A complete or partial transfer of the business to outside management, possibly in partnership with the incumbent management (MBI / BIMBO)

It is essential for everyone to anticipate these natural changes. Please don't hesitate to come and exchange ideas with us: observance of confidentiality is the basis of our business.


Since 2005, Capital & Dirigeants Partenaires has been a responsive interlocutor, whose Partners are really and personally involved in operations:

  • We study the business and its plan;
  • Once the key information has been collected and examined, we decide within a fortnight to move forward together and we validate with you the plan for the ideal operation;
  • Invested personally, we always have two partners involved in following up each operation.

600 - 6,000

From €600,000 to €6,000,000, the energy and the time needed... We invest what has to be invested alongside you to make the ideal operation possible and enable the project to materialise. Our financial clout, and that of the investors with whom we work, enable us to support any project, going beyond the aforementioned amounts if necessary.


We are not managers in place of the managers,

but close partners. The roles of each participant are respected. Opportunity providers, contacts with whom to discuss and share views, intermediaries with market connections, brokers, financial experts for incumbent managers: we endeavour to provide the managers and the business with what is useful for them, at the appropriate time.

Having taken part in more than 100 operations in the past, the Partners of Capital & Dirigeants Partenaires have known one another for a long time and work fast and simply, in cooperation with trusted experts in the fields of law, taxation and accounting, and with all financial institutions.

For SMEs, finance must be both simple and made-to-measure, to serve the business plan.