Service Affaires

– Transport of managers in passenger cars under long-term contracts – €7m in revenues

Capital & Dirigeants Partenaires arranged a Management Buy Out on this subsidiary of the LeasePlan group, in conjunction with Jean-Sébastien Durand, who became chairman of the company. Service Affaires was no longer a core business for LeasePlan, a large automotive fleet rental group. The LeasePlan group entrusted the subsidiary’s manager and his team with arranging this MBO.

Although it was initially held up by the outbreak of the crisis at the end of 2008, the operation was able to release growth momentum at Service Affaires, which entered the sector of passenger transport in small-capacity luxury shuttles and passenger cars under short-term contracts. Service Affaires offers its customers, mainly businesses, the possibility of maximising the availability and protection of their managers, while providing a continuity of service which is not possible when this service is provided with in-house resources.


Full interview of the manager (1 et 2)

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